2013 is going to be an awesome year!  It has to be.

This year, my goals are a bit stereotypical, but here they are…

1. To get back into a good work out routine.  Yes, I was once in one, and 2012 was the year I floundered. No more!!

2. To get myself a regularly, dependably paying job… As opposed to subbing which is not.  With neither my hubby nor myself bringing in a dependably set income, I am feeling the need for some financial stability.

3. To trick my family into helping more around the house.  It will be tricky to do this, but I have a few ideas.

4. To let more things slide.  “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  I carry stress around with me, and it isn’t healthy.  Exercising helps a lot, which is a part of goal number 1, but I also need to find ways to relax, take time for myself, and enjoy what I have.  I also need to say “NO!” more often, and “YES!” to what I enjoy.

Happy New Year!!



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