I am blessed

I was much better at saying, “NO!” to people last year.  Between my daughter’s birthday party, being Head Room Mom for a classroom party, the couple Holiday parties I agreed to attend, and subbing almost every day for the past two weeks, I’m impressed that I’ve managed to keep my head on.

We decided to do a home-made Christmas this year… Perhaps this was what I should have said, “NO!” to. Glue and paint take a long time to dry.  It has been fun, though.  I will take photos and share what we’ve all been making after the gifts are opened.

I am hosting Christmas, but I’m blessed with a wonderful hubby who ENJOYS cooking for large groups of people. Amen! He doesn’t like the clean up part, but he does like to use every pot in the kitchen… I suppose one can’t have it all.  Seven people are coming over, and then my four for my hubby’s culinary delights.

There’s a lot to do before Tuesday, finish making a few gifts, wrap everything, make Christmas cookies and clean my house, just to name a few.  But, the most important things involve stopping for a moment and looking around me.  I am blessed!

Merry Christmas!!

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