Avoiding spring break boredom

Spring Break will be upon me in two weeks time.  An entire week of my own children, and it’s up to me to decide how to make it fun and relaxing, vs a whining fest.  I am going to bring back the bag I put together to get us through Winter break.  It wasn’t fool proof, but it did work well.  A little bit of money spent to add some unique activities in the bag, and I think I’ll be set.

So, what is “The Bag”.  It is a pretty bag, or box, that I have been putting activity ideas into.  Each of the kids draw and slip of paper with an activity on it, and then we do an all or nothing vote on the choices.  We either do the activity, or all have to agree we don’t want to do the activity.  This only backfired on me once during Winter break, so I’m sticking with it again.  Most of the activities I put in the bag are free, or do at home activities in which the money was already spent.  Some of our Spring Break choices…

  • Decorate Easter eggs. We decorate paper eggs.  No one in my house likes hard boiled eggs, and I hate to through food away.  This year, I bought tissue paper, Modge Podge and clear glitter. 
  • Bake something.  I don’t have the something figured out, but my children LOVE to bake, as do I.
  • A trip to the ice rink. This one is free for me, as we all have ice skates and I have plenty of passes
  • A trip to the roller rink
  • A trip to the bowling alley.  Again, plenty of free passes, so I’ll only have to rent shoes.
  • A trip to the Library for books and movies, and a stop at Caribou Coffee.
  • Do a puzzle.
  • Play non-electronic games
  • Movie and popcorn night.

I have two weeks to come up with more ideas to put in the bag.  I may put together a black bag of chores, where we have to pull out one each day.  Bigger chores that we can work together on, like clean out the hall closet or pantry.  It can’t be all fun and games, right?



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