Class Valentines

Yesterday, my son informed me that I’m boring. “Everyone else puts candy in their Valentines, why can’t I? You’re boring!”  Perhaps he has a point.  Unfortunately, my boy is allergic to 75% of the candy out there, due to milk chocolate and gluten, and the rest of it is full of artificial junk that is more unnecessary than the sugar itself.  Perhaps I am boring, but I firmly believe that enough is enough, and my children bring home enough candy.

I did redeem myself, as I do every year, by coming up with a “sweet” Valentine idea that he likes.  The idea…

The phrase will be something along the lines of, “You are my favorite Valentine, hands down” or “I’m stuck on you, Valentine”.  I bought those silly, sticky hand things that you can swing around, and get gross within 5 minutes of opening. He LOVES those types of things.  He has been hard at work, designing around the idea.  I’ll post pictures once he figures out what he’s going to do.

As for my girl, she has not found inspiration yet… She’s pickier than my boy.



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