Don’t sweat the small stuff

I woke up this morning at 8am, in a startling rush of panic. We have to leave at 8:15, driving, to get to school on time.  I carried around a belief that I would be able to shovel cereal into my children, make lunches, and coral them into their clothing without having to walk them into the school office for “tardy slips”, until 8:20 loomed before me.  The result was tightly wound, panicky children (never a good way to send them off to school), and a disjointed feeling as I ran a few errands BEFORE my customary cup of tea.

A friend pulled up to the school, her children in tow, at the same time we did. Once we both settled our children with their “tardy slips”, we joked about our mishaps this morning.  She had woken her girls up early so they could run an errand before school.  Once she realized they were going to be late, she decided to take them for donuts. IOW, her children were NOT tightly wound and panicky. They were giggly and content at having had a special treat with their mom.

Here is a prime example of my new years resolution to let more things slide.  As the mom of a child with Aspergers, I find that sticking to routines is important for everyone’s sanity, but sometimes I let the routines rule my decisions, regardless of the circumstances. I was so concerned about throwing off my son’s school routine, that I didn’t stop to think about how tightly wound all three of us would be, or that they were going to be late regardless of what I willed us all to do.  I should have accepted this as fact, and had some fun with it. Going out for donuts is out of the question, due to my son’s food allergies, but we could have made Mickey Mouse pancakes in our PJs.

Next time, I will remember my friend and her giggly little girls.






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