Don’t sweat the small stuff, pt. 2

So, I was using my hot glue gun to repair a headband when it dawned on me… This could work quite well for all my daughter’s little Daisy patches!  And wouldn’t that be a far better solution than dragging out the ironing board and iron, which I HATE doing, and thus avoid it at all costs.  Now, I have sent my girl to MANY meetings without patches on her tunic, as most parents have at one time or another.  However, I have lost patches in my avoidance of dragging out the said accessories, and have had to drive way out to the Girl Scout Store to replace them.  Driving to the Girl Scout Store is a simple annoyance, made worse only by the fact that it doesn’t get me out of the previously avoided task.  I don’t know why I have such an aversion to ironing, but there it is.

So, I grabbed the stash of patches we’ve been collecting for the better part of a month, and hot-glued those suckers onto her tunic!  Patches didn’t get lost, check.  Task compete, check.  Mom happy, check.  Child happy, check.   Ready for Daisies!!

I like this new philosophy.




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