I spend most of the day in a car with my younger sister. Most of the day entails roughly 4 1/2 hours, which is, of course, not nearly half the day, but my stiff neck, numb bottom, and sore knees tell me otherwise. Driving down long roads, surrounded by snow-covered fields dotted with trees and the occasional town, that meet a grey, backlit sky, feels very much like a never-ending drudgery, requiring the sunglasses I recently misplaced. Conversation moved between childhood impressions, and the trials of adulthood, moving seamlessly back and forth through time, with funny stories interspersed throughout, lightening the mood, and the occasional navigational instruction from our friend, Georgia Penelope Sutrina.

Today, I learned the value in a long drive up the length of Illinois when accompanied by my sister, radio turned off. Even if it was, in the beginning, only because neither one of us could stomach country music.









  1. Funny ending! I’m with you – I can’t stomach country music much, either! Sounds like a nice day with your younger sister. Maybe we’ll hear more about her in future slices? Welcome to the challenge. I know you’re up for it!

  2. Welcome to the SOL challenge. It sure sounds like you are doing a lot of driving; however, you are also finding the benefits of talking and listening when you are help captive by your car!

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