Function over Fashion

Function over Fashion. It is something my Grandma likely would have said.

The sun has been so bright on my drive to and from work lately. Last night, I broke down and bought a pair of clip-on sunglasses. I found a pair that fit my glasses decently, and it was so much better to drive with sunglasses on today. While hunting for clip-on sunglasses, disturbing memories of my childhood came flooding back…

My Dad has run through several different solutions for sunny days. For awhile, he was going withumbnail.aspth the hook over and inside your glasses solution. He sported these babies in every single picture of a family vacation to Disney World.

His favorite solution was the clip-on sunglasses. He liked these so much because of the convenient, flip-up feature, much like Dwayne Wayne’s glasses. On Dwayne Wayne, the look was cool.

Unknown As a teenager, I was mortified that he would go out in public with me, wearing these big pieces of plastic clipped onto his glasses. They were way too big for his glasses, the huge, black clip on the top stuck up, and he tended to wear them flipped up when he went inside buildings.

Today, my Dad sports the solution that you wear over glasses, and covers half your face. He likes these because they keep the sun completely out of his eyes, which is the point of sunglasses. He is a practical man, who seeks functional solutions to problems. The 29 patents covering the walls of his office are evidence enough of this. So was the exclamation of wonder from the plumber who I hired to fix my kitchen sink last summer.







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