Is 7pm too early for bed?

I want to send my kids to bed. I have had the longest week, and have only the minimum amount of patience required.  At the rate my boy is going, he is going to run through it quickly.  My daughter isn’t too far behind him, and I have no backup tonight.  My daughter, bless her sweet heart, is dancing and singing into her karaoke machine.  It was her favorite Christmas present, but is my least favorite right now. My son, Lord grant me patience, is “cleaning” his room. He and I created a checklist together to help him stay focused, but he’s currently hunting for distractions. I am choosing to ignore all of it, though the karaoke machine is making this a very trying decision.

In moments like this, I often wonder how other parents work through it. When my head is in the game, I enjoy my children (I’m that parent who will join in on the karaoke singing), and have patience for those moments when I don’t. I can find that pure, ridiculous, kid drama that makes me smile or, God help me if my daughter sees it, may even make me laugh.

So, for this moment, we are going to get out of the house. Fresh air may do me some good, and a change of scenery couldn’t hurt the kids, right?  Then, I will send my children to bed and have a glass of wine.



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