Just One

We’re thinking of getting a dog…

A dog for my son.

A friend for my boy.

He so desperately needs one.

Just one.

A friend to run with,

to play in the sun with.

Just one.

A friend who will not judge.

even when he won’t budge.

Just one.

A friend who will snuggle,

to bring him out of his bubble.

Just one.

A friend to help him find calm,

when he’s going off like a bomb.

Just one.

Am I asking too much?

A friend with a soft touch?

Just one.





  1. Just one – a special one indeed. My nieces just got a puppy and seeing the photos of that relationship begin is wonderful.

  2. This is beautiful. How can it be that your poem breaks my heart and fills my heart at the same time. When it comes to our children, we can never ask too much. I think you should get that dog…

  3. Marie Nixon says:

    As I read your words I became more convinced that you are not thinking of getting a dog but you will be getting a dog! I love how you describe what a dog would be to your son. My dog is to me all of those things you described. She is my buddy. I hope you son soon has a new furry friend!

  4. I think a dog would be perfect. We have two in my family. These four-legged critters make great friends, foot warmers, and needed-a-reason-to-get-rid-of-those-shoes providers. I love your poem!

  5. This was so simple, yet so sweet. I hope you find the right “one” for your boy and your family. 🙂

  6. So sweet! Hope you find just the right one. This reminded me of the story called ‘Stray” from the book of short stories called Every Living Thing by Cynthia Rylant. Such beautiful sentiment. There is also a story in this book about a pet…snail I want to say. Your poem reflect similar heart!

  7. Beautiful! You brought tears of understanding to my eyes. I feel this. Thank you

  8. I smiled. he will certainly smile 🙂

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