Rude people

After enjoying an unseasonably warm afternoon outside with friends, my children and I escaped the rain by walking into the local thrift store. My boy wanted to hunt for more items to add to his collection of Garfield stuff, while my daughter wanted to hunt for more beautiful tea cups. (My children are strange beasts, but they’re spending their own money, and I just couldn’t go home quite yet.)

My daughter happily settled herself into a hunt through the coffee cups, while my son entertained himself on a very out-dated stationary bike. I was in charge of newly discovered treasures. Now, my boy is rather predictable, and I did see the look of pure enjoyment on his face. He refused to get off the thing until I agreed to bring it home. Never mind the fact that it would never fit in the car. I repeated my request, but then backed off to contemplate my next move. I refuse to argue with my children.

It was at this point that a woman walked up to my son and proceeded to yell at him!!  I told her that she will not talk to my child that way, at which point she said, “Well, he’s not listening to you. If you cannot control your child than I will.” She was close enough for me to slap her, and I did think about it for a split second, but she backed off. I’d like to think the look of my face gave her fair warning.

I did the “When I get to three you will be off the bike, or you will not get the Garfield cup you found, regardless of who’s paying for it,” thing, and he begrudgingly got down. That woman followed us all the way out of the store, but she didn’t say anything else.

Why do people think they can talk to complete strangers this way?

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