The most common New Years resolution

How should I tackle the most common new years resolution in the history of new years resolutions?

A number of years ago, I met with a wonderful group of moms at my local Y, twice a week. The class was conveniently held after the eldest ones were at school, and the youngest ones were settled in the babysitting area. We all paid extra for this class where Michelle, a personal trainer, took us to hell and back in an hour.  We would meet anywhere, and do any number of crazy things. I didn’t  know the where or what until I found someone who had already seen her. Then we would complain as we gathered equipment, attempting to predict how bad it would be, and comparing notes to see who was the sorest of us after the last class. Michelle would walk around, Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand, yelling, “You can go lower than that!” or “One more time up the hill!” or “You ladies are strong! Do 10 more!” or, my personal favorite, “Do some kegals!” as we all ran for the bathroom after jumping rope for a minute. I felt strong, purposeful and connected.

The class is no longer, we have all moved on as our children and the demands of life have grown and changed.  I have found similar classes, but the dynamic isn’t there and, inevitably, I stop going. My hunt has shown me two things. One, I don’t like rooms full of people fighting for space to move.  Two, I get bored easily.

My new “thing” is to work out at home.  It gives me the flexibility I need for the “subbing problem”, and I get to choose what I want to do, though I realize I am far less likely to push myself. Currently my choices are using resistance bands, Pilates DVDs, “Insanity” (Can you guess how often I choose that one?)  and a newly acquired hula hoop, which I am having the most fun with.  I also try to get to the ice rink every week (reliving my younger years here), and I tap on Thursday evenings with my tap dancing divas.

I am not a stay-at-home mom the way I used to be. My children are in school all day, which means I’m working more. My “alone” free time is much more limited than it once was. If I’m going to spend my “alone” free time doing something, I want to enjoy it, and that’s where my motivation is right now. So, where does that leave me?  How should I tackle the most common new years resolution in the history of new years resolutions?



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