What day it is!?!

I’ve lost a week somewhere.  Between my daughter’s birthday, her party, my wedding anniversary, making gifts, and preparing to host Christmas, an entire week has disappeared. I didn’t realize it till I sat down yesterday with the packet bestowed upon me as the head room parent for my daughter’s class party.  Here I am, writing an email to the other room moms, when it dawned on me… the party is Friday!  THIS Friday!!  I was supposed to have our names confirmed for the security list, along with the party plan to the teacher for approval LAST WEEK.  Yes, I am that mom. I dropped the ball.

Regardless of where the missing week has gotten to, I am Super Mom!  Able to plan and throw class parties in less than a week’s time (with lots of help)!  So, thank you, my fellow room moms, for stepping up to the challenge I have unwittingly thrown on us. This is going to be a fabulous party, and I promise that we’ll be allowed to enter the building to throw it!!  (It was the first thing I took care of.)





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